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Child’s World America is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and to being a force for positive change for America’s children.

The thousands of committed individuals and organizations helping children need their own community. We must learn, collaborate, share, and work together to make a difference.

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Join Us, You're Needed!

Are you a physician, educator, social worker, coach, researcher, academic or in some other way, working with or for children?

Please join us as we grow our community to help promote the well-being of children in America.

Membership is free, and together we can move the needle of progress.

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CW News TileChild’s World NEWS is the official news outlet for Child’s World America that features original content by and for those who care about childhood issues and the well-being of children in America. Physicians – Educators – Academics – Nonprofit Practitioners – Researchers – Athletic Coaches – Librarians – Policy Makers and more. Initially produced as a blog, it highlights: Opinions, Editorials, Professional Profiles, Organizational Profiles and Featured Columnists. Learn more



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Autism Risk Linked to Women With Herpes During Pregnancy

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Eight Guidelines for Parents of Dyslexic Children

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