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Child’s World America is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and to being a force for positive change for America’s children.

The thousands of committed individuals and organizations helping children need their own community. We must learn, collaborate, share, and work together to make a difference.

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Are you a physician, educator, social worker, coach, researcher, academic or in some other way, working with or for children? Their well-being is relying on us as a society to not let them fail!

Membership in the national organization is open to all. We seek to build a robust community of cross-sector professionals and organizations who work with and for children.

cwpres-logo-hdmdChild’s World PRESENTS is a producer of educational and entertaining events surrounding the issues of well-being of America’s children. The events are designed to bring together members of the public and foster a growing sense of community around the needs of children. Topically-relevant film screenings, notable speakers, roundtable discussions of current issues, symposia and conferences offer venues for the gathering of folks with common interests in children. Learn more   View Event Calendar

CW News TileChild’s World NEWS is the official news publication of Child’s World America that features original content by and for those who care about childhood issues and the well-being of children in America. Physicians – Educators – Academics – Nonprofit Practitioners – Researchers – Athletic Coaches – Librarians – Policy Makers and more. Initially produced as a blog, it highlights: Opinions, Editorials, Professional Profiles, Organizational Profiles and Featured Columnists. Learn more



Before the Zika Virus: A Look Back at Rubella and Microcephaly

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How Retained Primitives Could Affect Learning Disabilities

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Overuse of Medication in Foster Children

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