Child’s World NEWS is CWA’s official news outlet. It features original content by and for those who care about childhood issues and the well-being of children in America: Physicians – Educators – Academics – Nonprofit Practitioners – Researchers – Athletic Coaches – Librarians Policymakers and more. Initially produced as a blog, it highlights opinions, editorials, professional profiles, and organizational profiles.


CWN focuses on nine main categories:CWN Cat. Icon

  1. Advocacy & Policy
  2. Arts & Pop Culture
  3. Children’s Rights
  4. Family & Economics
  5. Health & Wellness
  6. Learning & Education
  7. Self & Social Worlds
  8. Sports & Play
  9. Opinion & Editorial

For examples of what might be covered within a category, please download our category map.

Mission and Audience

The mission of CWN is to provide a single source of news, opinion and reports on outstanding programs and developments across the various fields of interest related to children’s issues. The primary audience consists of college-educated professionals working with children or on children’s issues as well as those engaged in advocating or preparing policies that impact children. CWN aspires to play a role in setting the national agenda on children’s issues and to raise the overall awareness of these issues in our society.

Content Sources

Content is obtained from a variety of sources. Original content includes news articles written by staff in each beat, editorials, guest and staff columns, and monthly long-format investigative pieces. Guest columns include articles authored by academics or child professionals (e.g., “Notes From the Field,” covering relevant news items). “Report cards” or other data presentations created in collaboration with partner organizations may appear on an annual basis.

Writing Platforms

Book Reviews:  Recent releases or recognized classics. Each review has a link for purchasing the book online at A portion of these sales is donated back to CWA. (Word count: 550-1,000)

Columns:  Regular contributions from a writer (minimum of one per month). The contributions will generally be in a particular category. (Word count: 550-900)

Community/Profiles:  Members sharing their thoughts, findings, and experiences, or profiling of their organization. (Word count: 550-900)

General Journalism:  Written by journalists or people in the field the articles are about issues or current topics relating to children. They are meant to be informative and factual. (Word count: 800-1,500)

Kaleidoscope:  Opinion, commentary and essays by people who are luminaries in their field. The articles may be syndicated through other media. (Word count: 500-800)

Youth Voices:  Contributions from high school or middle school youths on subjects important to them. (Word count: 350-800)

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