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“My Voice”

Wagner Middle School

There are many different ways writing gives me a voice. For example in writing I can say what I feel and I can say it how I want, some stuff I say in my writing I cant speak it. Meaning I cant like say it, I don’t know why but writing just lets me show my feelings better than I can speak it. Lot of people might say if you can write it you can speak it but that’s not always true.

Writing lets me be myself; it lets me say things that I feel. If I could say everything I write it just wouldn’t be the same. In my writings you can understand what I’m saying or trying to say. I know that writing is a big thing and it can get people going on or understand better. Writing shows people a different side of them. If people could speak what they wrote then they wouldn’t get the full effect of what they wrote.

In my writing its like I’m telling a story, a story about things that go on in the world and in my life as well. When I write I don’t plan things out about like what I’m going to write about or how I’m going to write it I just go along with the flow and come up with stuff off the top of my head. I don’t know why I do that; I just come up with stuff better like that

When I write it’s relaxing, I always feel calm when I write. Your suppose to be calm every time you write because if your not calm you start to freak out and become nervous. When you start to freak out and become nervous you don’t know what to write about and you’ll just be stuck. That’s why I always try to be calm and relaxed because mind stays focused.

Writing helps people out with everything. It lets people express there feelings in a different way, people can say what they feel and how they feel just on a piece of paper. When someone writes something it shows people how they really feel and why they feel this way. Especially teens because we are at that age where writing is everything to us and writing matters.

A message from Bill Clark, Publisher

At Child’s World America, we believe we should also give voice to thoughts and opinions of young people themselves. We’re proud to introduce a new series that delivers the opportunity for young voices to be heard. Our first presentation is from middle school students from Philadelphia who took on the assignment of speaking their mind to the new leadership of our country. For them the future is rushing to set the foundations for their young lives. Thank you to Bob Vogel of LaSalle University whose program, Writer’s Matter, works with students to polish their craft and find their voice.



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