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Ten Reasons Children Don’t Disclose Abuse

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One challenge in stopping child sexual abuse is that it is often perpetrated in secrecy—a secrecy that the majority of child victims maintains.

There is overwhelming evidence that most child victims delay or never disclose child sexual abuse to friends, family members, or the authorities.1

A large adult retrospective study determined that 21.2 percent of survivors disclosed their abuse promptly; 21.3 percent disclosed abuse from one month to five years after it occurred; and the majority, 57.5 percent, delayed disclosure for more than five years.1 Many of us may scratch our heads and wonder, “Why in the Read more

Why Kids Reporting Abuse Often Recant

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It is incredibly difficult for children who have been abused—sexually, physically, psychologically, or through neglect—to talk about it. But what makes the situation even worse is when those they tell don’t believe them.

In approximately 23 percent of child abuse cases, children recant allegations of abuse. Research has been conducted to better understand why they do this. The main reason? The nonoffending primary caregivers do not believe them. In a vast majority of the cases, the nonoffending caregiver is the mother. Read more

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