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“My Voice”

This article is part 1 of 3 in the column Youth Voices

Wagner Middle School

There are many different ways writing gives me a voice. For example in writing I can say what I feel and I can say it how I want, some stuff I say in my writing I cant speak it. Meaning I cant like say it, I don’t know why but writing just lets me show my feelings better than I can speak it. Lot of people might say if you can write it you can speak it but that’s not always true. Read more

“Where I’ve Been, Where I’m going”

This article is part 2 of 3 in the column Youth Voices

Wagner Middle School

As a teen I have faced many difficulties with finding the right friends and decisionmaking. I remember when I first entered middle school I was always hyper active and never really followed directions. My grades were ok but I knew I could do better but I never really cared. In my 6th grade year my mother passed away and from then on I promised myself that I would get good grades because I knew she would be proud. It’s not always easy to get good grades and get along with my peers. So to avoid problems I always tried and get along and talk to people I knew I could get along with also I keep a journal to express my feelings. Read more

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