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“Where I’ve Been, Where I’m going”

Wagner Middle School

As a teen I have faced many difficulties with finding the right friends and decisionmaking. I remember when I first entered middle school I was always hyper active and never really followed directions. My grades were ok but I knew I could do better but I never really cared. In my 6th grade year my mother passed away and from then on I promised myself that I would get good grades because I knew she would be proud. It’s not always easy to get good grades and get along with my peers. So to avoid problems I always tried and get along and talk to people I knew I could get along with also I keep a journal to express my feelings.

Writing to me is a very good way to express my feelings whether they are positive or negative. When I write in my journal I feel like my journal is my own secret world. Writing has given me a different voice that I had never had before. I always had a voice before but since I started writing people were now able to see me in a different way instead of always loud and mean. People started to see that I’m a nice person and that’s how I was able to make new friends.

As a teen I know it is good for me to make good choices in order to go to higher places. When I grow up I want to be a cosmetologist. I also had to let go my past of physical abuse. My past is not going to stop me from being the best I can. Letting go of my past has made my teenage life easier and better because now I look back at my past and see how much I progressed over the years and I can honestly say I have come out insecurity shell and I am proud of myself for that.

I have changed from always being loud, mean, and insecure but now thanks to my friends and my journal I learned I have to get through my past in order for me to have a brighter future. I am going to make my mother proud of a successful young leader. I am going to a place where I can keep studying and keep going just like Seff Alfriqi. I am thankful to have all of these outlets that I can count on.

In the end I have been up and down just like any other teenager but all of our stories are not the same. I’ve have been from being mean to now being as sweet as I can be. I have learned to have more confidence in myself and to never let my past weigh me down. I know I can be the best I can to be. I am glad have gone through some of these changes because without them I wouldn’t really know who I am.

A message from Bill Clark, Publisher

At Child’s World America, we believe we should also give voice to thoughts and opinions of young people themselves. We’re proud to introduce a new series that delivers the opportunity for young voices to be heard. Our first presentation is from middle school students from Philadelphia who took on the assignment of speaking their mind to the new leadership of our country. For them the future is rushing to set the foundations for their young lives. Thank you to Bob Vogel of LaSalle University whose program, Writer’s Matter, works with students to polish their craft and find their voice.



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